California Wage & Hour Class Actions

If you are a current/former California employee who has experienced issues with your employer regarding wages owed and unpaid, meal/rest break violations, unpaid overtime, unpaid business reimbursements, and/or misclassification, you can trust RK Legal to counsel and represent you. When RK Legal is involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Common forms of wage and hour violations include:
  • Employee misclassification–e.g. Misclassifying an individual as an “independent contractor” or misclassifying an individual as an exempt, salaried employee, in order to avoid payment of overtime, etc.
  • Missed, Late, Interrupted, or Short Meal Breaks
  • Missed, Late, Interrupted, or Short Rest Breaks
  • Inaccurate pay stubs
  • Non-payment of overtime
  • Non-payment of double-time
  • Off-the-clock violations
  • Withholding compensation
  • Unpaid minimum wages