California Wage & Hour Class Actions

If you are a current/former California employee who has experienced issues with your employer regarding wages owed and unpaid, meal/rest break violations, unpaid overtime, unpaid business reimbursements, and/or misclassification, you can trust RK Legal to counsel and represent you. When RK Legal is involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Common forms of wage and hour violations include:
  • Employee misclassification–e.g. Misclassifying an individual as an “independent contractor” or misclassifying an individual as an exempt, salaried employee, in order to avoid payment of overtime, etc.
  • Missed, Late, Interrupted, or Short Meal Breaks
  • Missed, Late, Interrupted, or Short Rest Breaks
  • Inaccurate pay stubs
  • Non-payment of overtime
  • Non-payment of double-time
  • Off-the-clock violations
  • Withholding compensation
  • Unpaid minimum wages

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    May 7, 2020
    Talin A.

    Romina is a GEM! She is the most knowledgeable and patient attorney I’ve ever met. Not only is she extremely thorough, but she also makes sure that even the questions you didn’t know you had are answered. She is extremely professional and if you’re looking for superb and exceptional service, I highly recommend her for your legal needs!

    February 29, 2020
    Miss V.

    After talking to Romina, you definitely can tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill attorney who’s in it just for the money, and someone who actually cares about her craft. I’m sad that the only words I know are “thank you”, because these two ladies definitely deserve something that means way more than that.

    July 25, 2019
    Mariah Y.

    Romina is by far the best attorney ever. I went through a traumatic event in my life and through it all Romina reassured me that we were in it together. Throughout the whole experience she helped keep my faith alive.I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I’m forever grateful that she was the person who helped me. Thank you Romina!!

    June 20, 2019
    Tobias M.

    Finding RK Legal was a blessing. Romina met me at near my work because I work the graveyard shift and couldn’t come out to her office. She answered all my questions and explained the step-by-step process. I immediately signed with her.

    When I would email or call the office with any questions or concerns I was stressed about, their staff was always calm and professional. They always answered all my questions. In the end, Romina made my employer pay handsomely and I am so grateful for everything she did. Thank you!